Selasa, September 23, 2008

it seems sow important to me..

Dearest Perempuan,

occured aii've got a taraweh pray aii've been supposed lways got an advantaged from the speaker..
included ffo this night aii've lessoned a lot from him dat anything should be happend with us remembering before u've got a sleep u might done four things:
  1. You must Finished Read an al-Quran
  2. You must Goin' To Haj
  3. You must said greeting to Muhammad S.A.W Prophet
  4. You must be blessing by the same moeslem each other

and if you'd can't done for one night you can replace with:

  1. Read an Al-ikhlas Surah Ffo 3 Times
  2. Read an Takbiratul to Allah S.W.T
  3. Read an Shalawat To our Huge Muhammad Prophet
  4. Read an Astangfirullah Ffo 3 times

Insya allah if u'll called by the Holly your ready responbilities your done..

Before Taraweh Prey,

aii'm supposing seat on my chair lmost 5 hours, Not along times than tomorrow..

aii've been washed first after woke up and then no talked occured the days passed over

before fasted opened finished Fasted these day..

A lot things around on my head*

about everything..

  1. About shameness
  2. About Anger
  3. About My Parents
  4. About My JoB
  5. About My answering
  6. About all around in my head
  7. About uncertainly
  8. About pain
  9. About Uncuriosity
  10. About The relations between Myself and Lord*

aai must found the answer sow aii can goin' doin' life and can sleep tite'