Sabtu, September 20, 2008

after a long time to go!!

Dearest Perempuan,

Dat's nothing dat aii've been remind..when sincerely aii've made some blog a few years ago!! after all dat aii'd take and aii gave..aii decide to make my own personalize blog again!! and the most important, all dat aii can do, aii'll do it better..wherever aii can write anytime dat aii wanna write!!

aii realize more grew up dat aii ever thought, such as a hard find someone to divided all my tears and my stories*

even aii'm not hev a habit to spoke with anybody else about what aii felt, and what aii meant!!

dat was encorouge me to stands and believe to my own self,

to understood and find a way to rescue my own bleeding..

dat's nothing dat aii ever heard from a lot people about a s**k life after

all they had seen and they ever felt..

aii'm not try listen and learned from all my fault

a few years ago..

aii've demand it supposing bring a huge change vo my self,

event not much but it should be more..