Minggu, September 21, 2008

aii Had To Go My Nephew Cribs..

Dearest Perempuan,

after aii passed by the tired day ever ..

aii had to go!! absolutelly because of the promise

dat aii've made Before*

After aii've Got

washed the dirtiest Custom Me, and mysisters on ride*

we've deal go for it*

Aii'd Known My sister

was Angered By my mom,

she'd got a bad day,

and then decided to go*

aii dun't know,

How could my mother said dat*

after all she said thats impossible

Let's her child angered by her*

in cases those time she'd licked her said..

Absolutelly, Bored

n suck* Done all of this..


after we've go through of,

we've got to shower n then gone n permitted

only to my daddy..

aii never now,

he'd got Two faces on the same time,

he'd can encorouge his child and

on the same times he encorouged his wife*

Poor vo me n my sister*

He'd not felt he'd got

responsbility about us..

either he'd didn't give us some money,

he'd never give us support how'd to

fixed the condition with our mommy!!

Fortunenetly, is just fasting

sow, we dun't care n never tgought to much about it..

We called our sister n said we'd

hurried to goes by..

intention for the first, aii'd wanna bought

GADIZ magazine..

Unfortunetly, uded up..

n aii've might be back on thr same night!!

After through all of long way road,

we've waited some bis ich could broiught us

to our nephew house!!


Lways Fulled the passengers*

we've patient to waited, un-tie

any 45 Bus was empty passenger..

we've patiencely waited the bus brought us into

our nephew*


it's was a tip of a long road..

And the worried was continued and we've

been didn't know where'd the adresses.,.

after we called from received and unreceived*

Guess what?!
we've been take a walk to reach the destiny!!


Absollutely sow thirsty,

and after we arrived we've just take a reat and

colled down, after we've been could breath easy!!

Before open fasted*

The Houses owner, wanna to go

looking for some listed to got an opened fasting..

she'd go with her 1st child and my sister..

And The Stories was begun*

whwn his mother was gone,

aii've been got a responbilities to take care him

so dat he'd cannot cry!!

aii'ce used all the way

from the easier into the harder*

and the most makes me paronoia was when he take back

his neighboorhood to gettien into their grand -ma


aii've scared is just only a suck way

to take back..

After along time ago

his mom was back and!!

aii've never understood a child thought,

after he'd looked her mother why'd he'd mighty to cried?!

aii'llve try to calm

and waited untie his mom ask him*

We've share our Laugh and gladness..

after along time we've been never got

taking a relationship wit other,

we've got from these moment!!

another confussed was comes

when we've been hard to decide what'd

we could do?!

we've been goin home or

stay on our nephew house?!

Finally we've decide to go home**

Dat was darknight

but we've tried to take cared our self alone

eventhough we've sleepover sow much..

and we'd arrived at home safety,

ooucchh..before aii go home

aii bought the magazine,

aii've worried aii'd never got

because dat's only one magazine..