Minggu, September 28, 2008

it's to freaky out

Dearest perempuan,

Doesn't really matter
dat aii've never giving up
and b stuck in these case occasions..
aii've never to ask more
how aii've been high even
aii've must leaving my pleassure

it's was killing me inside and outside,
matter if aii've cannot doing anything
when aii'm outhere,
yea, maybe aii've lessoned
to be a dorky person,
who'd doesn't never hev anything*

aii've must find an another way
to giving my live high,
aii've scared dat if aii'll b there
aii'll be insane quicky,

Dat's another assume
dat aii've been share where's nobody's
listen my inspire,
aii'll just beggin' hope
dat all of my fam are having a great
journey and using
their holiday time well..

and aii'll pretend
that's nothing ever happened to me..
once again,
aii've tried to found the god
that aii've ever think that he's leaved me!!
if dat was true, aii've can't doit anything more
and aii've realized aii've must received*