Kamis, Oktober 09, 2008

Describin a Lot

Dearest Perempuan,

when idul fitri..
finally aii've cannot refussinginvitation my parents goes by!!yea eventhough, aii've felt hardly to move..soe childish semems look likebut is jus realitydat nobody's cannot life without entertainmentrite now, even just to joyin' itself alone..aii've felt a donkey haha86xfunny!!but nobody's care,yeah!! nobody's carewithout exception..
Day 1
beginning the journeystarted the village goes,aii'm sow sow naked of boredwhere's aii've couldn't done somethin' to be,though aii've seems like an ego,aii've still cannot understand why'd nobody's uncare me likes no one on my side..okayyy, dat wasn't matter because aii've prevent nobody's sees meHaaa..that's what aii've been said about the daydat aii've never get a precious moment, either it's belong to me or anythin' else..aii've got depressed soon*aii've made a commitment by myselfaii've might leaved some humanity appeal,all dat there's a proof dat aii was never there..
haaaa!!they've been even said dat aii'm aii've was freaky freakin' weirdyap!! aii've guess dat's not my careness about gigt some comment,if they're really wanna doYeww!! that aii'm freaky weird..

Day 2
That's not whole about what aii've been said b ffoif aii've ever tell dat aii've freaky fuckin' nerd bein hereffo a while, aii've been used feelin' finethough there's no more phone and disregrad about funaii've the most hev a times lookin' around..from the beginnin aii've never b angry and unrespecteed felt wit anybody elseafter a long timeaii've even hev more time hev kiddin' wit my sis and brotheraii've even have time to forgottin' all of thisdat aii've BECOME unlucky person ever!!The most dat aii've pretend was aii've beenhonourbein' all of this, bein' a partof large LIES!!aii've become the most to knowdat they're even never surely dat aii'm ever alive!!
aii've ever hev some the other plandat aii'm goin' through and feel the vibe after all of this..even when aii'm goes looked another way..even when aii'm goes to looked amother people hev another own way to feelin fine aii'm not choosed*aii've just sent forgiving mmsgjus ffo twice to my besd and to mys sist*aii've foremost felt doesn't hev regradingself!!aii'm bein' supposed no one, or aii'm notanyone who've shoved..Look both of them never sensitivityabout what aii've been felt, aii' curiositydat aii've dammed person who'd hada dream that where and what all aii've aboutaii'm wipe the tears although doesn't exitin'the tears aii've tried keephev a gud though dat aii'm stupid girl!!and aii've Lways bein' stupid girl ffo ever*
Day 3
Other Side of the world

if aii'm ever told that nobody'stalkin about carelessnessthat was jus unaffair fuckin' statementaii've heard and seen their had talked to..Yea, likes a dog licked their own spit,dat's not about aii'veg ot braveness opoenedsome fakin' the other..but if aii'm opened my eyes wide open sometimesclose friend could be some foe*or the closest person bein'fuckin' man*and my famactually surely bein' stupid and easyto bite a change dat made of!! they're like lookin'wit a pieces of eye and never lookin' or belong us like their fam*ffo a 1st time aii've felt uncomfortable bein' here..nobody's even our grand was careness about me and my sistand aii dun't know wasn't they're really exited?!
Day 4Some Changes happened
it's gonna b shamelessif aii've made up my mindjust to thingkin' datsomebody changes anythin' because they'rebeen here and nowhere*yea, aii've been agreeif somebody was gonethe other will feelin; finebecause there's more space to breath..even aii've decided doesn't wanna followedaii've ever think dat it's gonna become the same as ordinaryand da aii've made true guessin'aii've never told aii wanna somethin'but it's not fair, why'd?!they've talked sweetyfront and next just another bullshitHa!! there's no regret aii've even forecast and dare if aii've lost.aii'll become freaky fuckin' peolethey're had fucked huge bullshit!!

And when They've gone..

aii've more betteractually aii've even could interacted by anyone elsefalse dat aii've made was discoverbecause aii've been try sees by anyone..
Day 5
changed the planned and nobody'smove!! why'd all of them wasn't hev a sound to talked todat's not becausepart of my own..but just self regrad becomethey!! and it's gonna happenedwe've home without talked too much
Day 6
Arrived when nobody's was homedat da family goes by taxi anda had a lunch bffo it..whooaaa!! aii've lookin' changin quickly!!
Day 7
Syawal time and nothin' to explain'just another A7X thingssurely aii've ever didwit MCR esp wit my Geetry lookin' vo another pics aboutthem The Vengeance and Synysterwhoaa!! aii've felt twice of depth..